How much do you know about your thyroid?


Let’s talk about our thyroids!


Our thyroids are a gland that sit in our neck and produce thyroid hormones, which are one of the top three most important hormones for women.


Can you guess the other two? Estrogen and cortisol!


Over the next week, I want to talk a little about the thyroid, because thyroid heath is an important part of good hormone health for women.


Our thyroid affects our metabolism and our energy levels – think of the thyroid a little bit like Goldilocks.


If you produce too little thyroid hormone, you can feel sluggish, gain weight easily and get constipated. This can lead to hypothyroidism.


Too much can send you in the other direction with weight loss, shakiness and shortness of breath, amongst other symptoms and can lead you to hyperthyroidism.


How much do you know about your thyroid?


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Image via Allef Vinicius on Unsplash


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