What happens when you produce too little thyroid hormone?

If your thyroid hormones are a little bit like Goldilocks, what happens when you produce too little of them?


You may find that you struggle to lose weight.


You might feel tired all the time.


You might empty your bowels less than once a day.


You might always have cold hands & feet and fight with your partner over the thermostat in the winter.


You might feel a little down in the dumps but aren’t sure why.


You might have a hard time concentrating or feel a little foggy.


These aren’t normal things you should expect as part of ageing.


When you piece the puzzle together, these symptoms can be the sign of an under active thyroid.


If you feel like this, I would encourage you to see your doctor and get your thyroid hormones (TSH / T4 / T3) checked as part of a full blood test.


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Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

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